About Sandra Thibodeaux

I’m a poet and playwright based in Darwin, Australia. In 2011, I was Australian Poetry’s Poet-in-Residence which is when I started this blog. I used this site to document the residency, presenting some new work of my own and introducing various poets who I came across in my travels. Since then, I’ve continued writing and uploading poetry, in-between writing plays.

A brief biography …

Sandra Thibodeaux was Australian Poetry’s Poet in Residence for 2011. Sandra has published four collections of poetry, with the latest of these being DIRTY H2O (Mulla Mulla Press, 2014). Sandra has performed at festivals across Australia and in SE Asia, and has been awarded grants and prizes for her poetry and, also, her plays. Recent plays include The Age of Bones, The Lion Tamer and Mr Takahashi (and other falling secrets). Sandra has twice won the NT Literary Awards for her plays, and has been short-listed for both the Patrick White and Griffin playwriting awards. She is currently developing a new play, A Smoke Social, directed by Alex Galeazzi.

12 Responses to About Sandra Thibodeaux

  1. Wonderful blog Sandra, let’s try and get Julia to take notice!

  2. Bob Robson says:

    Hi Sandra! Good luck with the Sarah Palin poem 😉



    • It’s in the too-hard basket at the moment. I had a crack, but she speaks in meaningless circles all the time. I’ll have another go at a later date – when I get my patience levels up again! Best, Sandra.

  3. David - David Barnes - nick = debarnes - retired forced 80% disabled ' "grin." says:

    Hello Sandra –

    My – Name is David – David Barnes:
    A mutual Dear friend of mine gave me the drum to come and check you out – “He’s right” your a fine poet young lady – and congrats on your – Poet in Residence – I spent 10 year up in Alice & an occasional trip to Darwin.. Rob tells me that you will be coming to Perth, you’ll love it and the poetry scene here is alive and vibrant Sandra. My own pesonal site is down as I am revamping it after 10 years – Publishing Poetry Downunder & Numbat Poetry Journal left me litte time for my own site. This is where I fisrt met a ver young poet named “Rob,” and in my own way helped him and quite a few others – I hope I hear back from you – I am on Facebook ok– one year after retirement, I finally publish my first book of poetry – they think it’s my last: “grin.” as I’m 67 years old now plus my little problem-is gunna give a trip on that stairway to He..v..n, if you wish to check my book- at all – no I’m not pushing it lol .. not after all these years – try this Url below
    Have a wonderful trip traveling around a few mates do – Robs of soon- about time as well – Do you know Les Wick at all; no I’ll plug ma’-mouth, blast I know so many wonderful poets round Aust & Overseas, Hey with your poetry AIM for a trip rto Austin poet Feast – you’d love it there in America young lady- wishing you well – David-debarnes

    • Hi David. Thanks so much. Your comment has been sitting in my spam tray! Sorry about that. I just had a check in there in case. Lovely to hear from you. Do you mean Rob Walker? Yes, he’s good. Re. Perth – I’m trying but nothing is locked in yet. Re. Austin – I would love to. I’ll have to look it up. Re. your book – I’ll keep an eye out for it. That link didn’t appear?? Maybe that’s why you went to Spam. Hey, I’m not sure if you want your comment to be published ..? It was a little more of a personal note, yes? I will publish it if you want, but I erred on the side of privacy in case. Let me know. I’m on Facebook, too. Best, Sandra.

  4. Amelia says:

    Hello Sandra, My name is amelia a friend of mine (Victoria Amy) recommended your blog to me and it is now in my favourites tab. i love it. I am an artist and poet and i live in an isolated country town and blogs like yours are a life saver. i would like to purchase your book if i could. thank you for sharing your beguiling and invoking words

  5. Subhan Zein says:

    Great to find another poet from Australia!

    I’m gladly following.. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

    • Thanks, Subhan. As you’ll notice I’ve been quiet lately – mostly working on plays, I’m afraid. The poetry will flow again soon. Thanks for stopping by. Best, Sandra.

  6. Hey,Janet. So sorry. As you can tell, I haven’t done anything on this website for months! I’m good. You on Facebook? I’m Sandra Therese Thibodeaux on there. Email is sandrattx@gmail.com. Good to hear from you. x

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