Hi, poetry lovers (and folks who thought they could access something saucy through my title). (Well, you can, actually, so read on …)
My new book!
Yes, it has been released into the world and it looks a little like this:
final cover copyActually – exactly like that. Cover image is by the fabulously talented Kit Kelen (Painting #48 from Pictures of Nothing at All, Macao Museum of Art 2014).

This book contains poetry written between the years 2010-2014. So if you were between my sheets during this time, you might want to see if you feature in it …

The book itself: DIRTY H2O hones in on the gritty, sexy and disturbing things people do to/with each other on various levels: political, social, personal and historical. While dealing with the dirt, the collection, nonetheless, makes space for forgiveness and love. Chris Mansell says about DIRTY H2O: ‘Turbulent, hot and irascible, Thibodeaux’s work is Top End true, by which I mean, true poetry. Poetry that knows its place but never knows its place.’

So you want to buy it, yeah ..? Of course you do! It’s only $15! Best to buy it here:
Alternatively, you can hit me up on: sandrattx@gmail.com

I am about to take down from this site any of the poetry that is contained in the book. So, quick – download and save to your desktop! No, of course you won’t do that. I’m sure you’ll support independent publishers and that most threatened of species, the poet, through purchasing this book. I’d be very grateful for the opportunity to rest by your pillow.

Thank you for all the reading – past, present and future. And thank you, Mulla Mulla Press. x

At my WordStorm launch. Photo: Jen Jewel Brown

At my WordStorm launch.
Photo: Jen Jewel Brown


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