Andrew Bolt and love on the same page …

Something for everyone: science, maths, politics, nature, Bolt, bulls and sex – a growing collection of principles.

There’s a brief reference in the collection to Indonesian teens that I should explain. At the same time as the live export crisis, three Indonesian teenagers (and possibly more) were being held in adult prisons in Australia. These teens, aged 15-16, had been deckhands on a boat carrying asylum seekers. They were in jail for a whole fourteen months without advice of this being given to their parents (who presumed they were dead). You can read more about it here:

While these boys were in the news – with minimal public outcry – the debate around exporting live cattle to Indonesia was raging. While both issues are difficult, I was reminded again of how we Australians will often cry out about our own concerns while being disinterested in the concerns of our neighbours.

An Early Survey Of Principles

Two unreliable lovers
cancel each other out.

Stunning hair
eclipses a plain face.

Sometimes, a moth
will do everything to die.


An Aussie flag on the pecs
= a Redneck above.

1 Australian steer
> 3 Indonesian teens.

Andrew Bolt minus Andrew Bolt
can only be a good thing.


There are two sides to a turtle
but no argument for a 4WD on her tracks.

Running feet
leave their arguments in the sand.

A crocodile leaves an ‘s’
and the feeling’s mutual.


Frogs resist
offers of rescue.

A snake has nowhere better to go
than your bed.

The last cane toad


The distance to an excellent lover
is > 1,000 kilometres.

The number of times he texts
is < encouraging.

A replacement in your bed
is less than, or equal to, sweet notes on a horn?


Distant lovers
come close in the archives.

An athlete’s heart
jumps a plain face.

A moth + an open door
= a new way to dance.


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2 Responses to Andrew Bolt and love on the same page …

  1. bobrobson says:

    Andrew and Tony are peas in a pod. Their mission is to discipline the poor. It goes without saying that they have not experienced real want themselves. But the way the world is shifting, their cycle is finished and the young fogies might have to get a true job.
    As Gore Vidal said, The place needs empathy.
    Wonderful poem. 🙂

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